We create the future for green production through our advanced steam technology

Through our advanced steam technology, we at Focus Bio Energy help companies transition to renewable energy, while optimizing productivity.

We strive to be frontrunners of the green transition, without compromising your production or profitability.

Sustainable production

Through our Bio Energy solutions, you can manage your production more effectively, while protecting the environment.


We have been in the industry for over 30 years and have worked with several production companies of any size.

A close and safe collaboration, as well as thorough guidance is our highest priority.

Cost-effective production

If your company needs continuous and sustainable finances, Bio Energy is the way forward.

We see that our partners optimize the economy through cheaper and more sustainable fuels, as well as streamlining production.

Making tomorrow different today

Investing in Bio Energy can change your company in more ways than one...

2 -3 yr.

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Climate change is an undeniable factor in our society. So, investing in a green future is high on everyones agenda - Imagine getting a sustainable business both environmentally and economically?

Choosing a power plant from Focus Bio Energy, can provide you with both. Our power plants are only powered by FSC certified wood, which ensures biodiverse forestry and hereby improve the environment. Furthermore, our power plants have shown to drastically increase the productivity of our partners, while ensuring low continuous costs on fuel. 

Creating value with Focus Bio Energy

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8. Operation & Management

We believe that it is everybody's responsibility to leave a greener planet for future generations.

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