About us


At Focus Bio Energy we strive to only use FSC certified wood for fueling.
“FSC Is the world’s most ambitious global certification for responsible forestry, and your security for getting tree and paper from well-run forests and other responsible
sources. FSC works for both nature and human rights in the world forest areas”

For us to be able to slow down climate changes and secure forests full of animal and plant life for our next generation, FSC certified wood is a very important part of our business. The certification helps our industry to secure good conditions for biodiversity, aquatic environment, people of origin and forest workers all over the world as well as spreading democracy and education locally. At last, FSC ensures that the forest areas stays the same generation after generation. That means FSC contributes to 14 out of 17 UN Sustainable development goals. At Focus Bio Energy our main focus is on goals 7, 9, 12, 13 and 15.

Our vision

Focus Bio Energy want to be an international preferred partner when it comes to
advice or supply of small steam and Combined Heat and Power plants to
produce thermal and electrical energy (1 – 15 MW thermal power) based on

With background in the European energy conversion from black to green energy, we
want to extend this renewable technology to the rest of the world by “Proven-

Our mission

Focus Bio Energy is an engineering and project company which helps our customers
with renewable energy solutions within steam and Combined Heat and Power
that creates a healthy and sustainable economy.

This is done by advising on and delivering solutions that replace fossil fuels with
CO₂ neutral or CO₂ negative and environmentally friendly biomass

The Global Goals

Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy

Universal access to electricity at an affordable price before 2030 is equal to
investments in clean energy sources such as sun, wind and thermal energy.
For now, Bio Energy is not a part of the UN goal 7 but Bio Energy is at the
moment a Co2 neutral energy source and will in the near future become a
Co2 negative energy source.

In general renewable energy solutions are becoming cheaper, more reliable
and more efficient from day to day. The current reliance on fossil fuels is
unsustainable and harmful to the climate and the planet. Because of that we
hope to be able to spread knowledge about all the advantage Bio Energy have
to our planet and the climate.

Goal 9 - Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

Technology development is the key to finding sustainable solutions on both
financial and environmental challenges. By promoting sustainable industry and
investing in scientific research and innovation the world will be able to speed up a
sustainable development.

To meet future challenges we have to promote innovative sustainable technologies
such as Bio Energy. At Focus Bio Energy we constantly want to develop more
sustainable solutions. At the moment all of our projects are Co2 Neutral but we are
working at high speed to find a Co2 negative solution, to ensure the best outcome
for our planet. And believe us, the solution will be here faster than you think.

Goal 12 - Responsible consumption and production

Our planet has provided us with huge amounts of natural resources.
Unfortunately, the humankind has not been able to utilize them responsibly,
and most of us currently consume far beyond what our planet can provide.

Effective management of our common resources and the way we get rid of
toxic trash and contaminated substances, is important to reach the goal of
responsible consumption and production. At Focus Bio Energy we strive to
only use forest waste and at the same time only use produce coming from sustainable forestry.

Goal 13 - Climate change

The current climate changes are real and an undeniable threat to our planet.
The effects are visible and can become catastrophic unless we act now. A
strengthening of climate adaptation in vulnerable regions, should go hand in
hand with raising awareness and higher focus on prevention efforts in
national politics and strategies.

Through education and innovation, we can make the necessary changes to
protect our planet. By educating and innovating the industrial sector will be
able to modernize infrastructure and production. At Focus Bio Energy we
strive to educate our buyers as well as consumers in our sustainable bio
energy solution and show how bio energy can help our planets climate
develop in the right direction.

Goal 15 - Life on land

Throughout time we have caused severe damage to our ecosystems
through deforestation, loss of natural habitats and land degradation. To
make up for our many years of damage UN has made goal 15 about
preserving and restoring our terrestrial ecosystems as forests, wetlands,
dry areas and mountains before 2030. To do that we have to promote
sustainable forest management and stop deforestation.

Many would think Focus Bio Energy’ revenue base does the complete
opposite of that. Actually, we do nothing of that sort. By only using FSC
certified wood and using all leftovers we secure minimum waste and
deforestation and will only buy biomass from forests that plant more than
they take down.

More than 30 years of knowledge

Focus Bio Energy is an engineering and project company

Focus Bio Energy is an engineering and project company which, through employees’ experience holds more than 30 years of knowledge in the conversion of biomass into energy by combusting, and thereby creating thermal energy in the form of steam.

This steam can be used in industry as process energy or in the District Heating industry. The steam production can be combined with steam turbine to generate electricity.

Our expertise lays in the area 1 – 15 MW thermal boiler capacity with a focus on fuels such as wood chips, wood pellets, wood waste, straw and other agricultural products. We cover the range from fuel handling, combusting technology, turbine operation, flue gas cleaning, ash handling and advanced control systems.

We offer independent advice to the customer regarding converting from fossil energy to renewable
biomass energy. This advice will always be based on customer’s need for stable supply of energy
and optimum energy utilization. We would always recommend the technology and type of energy,
which is most beneficial for the client, regardless of whether we can deliver the technology.

Focus Bio Energy also offers to provide complete energy-plants based on combusting of biomass.

These plants can be delivered as EPCM contract. That means Focus Bio Energy is responsible for all design, engineering, procurement and project management and the customer buys the components directly from the supplier under the direction of Focus Bio Energy. This provides maximum flexibility and control for the customer and provides a more optimal cash flow for all

Through a strategic partnership with one of Europe most influential biomass supplier we are also able to provide a project based on a PPA solution (Power Purchase Agreement) in which the risk
for construction, fuel supply and operation of the plant is at Focus Bio Energy, and the thermal energy is bought based upon the consumption.

Whatever solution you choose, it is Focus Bio Energy which is the only one responsible for the complete functionality and commissioning of the plant.

As customer of Focus Bio Energy, you get a partner that assure you the solution that best suits your needs, reliable energy supply, optimal economic solution, environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.

Employees at Focus Bio Energy are all dedicated and experienced when it comes to sustainable energy solutions.

Our staff has many years of experience in the energy field and especially from biomass energy. At the same time, we do a lot to create a work environment that ensures that employees can perform
at the maximum to the benefit of our customers.

Focus Bio Energy is active through the whole world but mainly operates in countries where subsidy programs are in place. Therefore, Focus Bio Energy also have sales offices in France, the
Netherlands and the United Kingdom, because of the subsidy program SDE+ for the Netherlands and the subsidy program RHI for the United Kingdom.

Services that we offer