5 MW, 6 MW and 8 MW

The Charlie model is the medium size predesigned boiler system in Focus Bio Energy standard program. There are only a small difference between a Charlie model boiler and the larger Delta model boiler.

A power plant with a Charlie model, can supply steam, steam and electricity or heat and electricity ranging in 5, 6 and 8 MW thermal energy output depending on the boiler size chosen.

With a pressure of up to 100 bar on the boiler, the boiler works as accumulation of energy, that ensures a stabile energy flow, despite fluctuation in the needs of the customer.

A power plant with a Charlie model boiler is a standard plant. The technical installation, such as boiler, grate, pumps, water treatment and etc. are all of the same type as used in our smaller Alpha and Bravo-models and our largest Delta-model, only with minor difference.

The plant is always adapted to the operating modes requested by the customer. This means that there will be variation from plant to plant.

The building surrounding the entire installation is always adapted to the nearby building. Height of building and chimney, roads leading to the building and facility inside the building, will always be decided by the customer, adjusted to their wish and approved by local authorities.

Inside the building is also storage for the biomass. Depending on the operation modes, and there for the output from the boiler, the capacity of the storage varies.


A Focus Bio Energy steam boiler plant is fired with biomass. There are many different types of biomass, useful for firing a steam boiler plant.

The humidity of the biomass can be up to 55%.


Download the Charlie brochure here.

Plant example

The following data will change according to costumer needs. Therefor, data on the turbine, electricity and steam production is not a foregone conclusion.