Case: A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen

A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen

Case description

Focus Bio Energy contacted Bryggeriet Vestfyen, as there was an assumption that the brewery used a large amount of energy in their production. It turned out that this amount of energy came from the use of fossil fuels – also called black energy.

Through dialogue with Bryggeriet Vestfyen, sufficient data emerged to prepare a proposal that could contain a clear plan for the transition from black energy to green energy. This proposal included both consideration of the fluctuating amount of energy in production as well as a
financial incentive with a good payback and a visualization of a new energy plant.

When the decision to switch from black energy was made internally at Bryggeriet Vestfyen, the actual
project started.

In the project process itself, it was of uttermost importance to focus on our customer, meaning that we had to ensure that Bryggeriet Vestfyen were being involved in the entire process, and understood all elements that could have an impact on their everyday working life. This way, Bryggeriet Vestfyen felt safe letting Focus Bio Energy take care of all steps within the process.

Hereafter, very precise data were calculated on energy consumption and what fluctuations production could have, as a new energy center would have to be able to handle this without the production noticing it.
Subsequently, the new power plant was designed down to the smallest detail, so that all machine parts were visible and accessible, which meant that the center, outside areas and logistics thereof could be easily

Focus Bio Energy placed great emphasis on Bryggeriet Vestfyen’s desire for technical and visual solutions, which you can see in the video.

Afspil video

With a set design of the plant, the procurement of all parts started, and again Bryggeriet Vestfyen and their desires were the center of focus. The best possible price should be obtained, but any wishes for specific
suppliers or brands should also be taken into account. Every single purchase had to live up to the right quality and technical functionality, but also be cost-effective.

During the construction of the plant, Bryggeriet Vestfyen could really be part of the process and see their new energy center grow week by week. They could follow on the sidelines, while Focus Bio Energy ensured progress in the project. And when the energy center was completed, the staff at Bryggeriet Vestfyen was thoroughly trained to operate the plant on their own.

“Naturally, shifting from one energy source to another in production is not just done overnight. We consume a lot of energy when our production is running, and we are dependent on a sustainable solution, not just in terms of environment, but most importantly in terms of technological sustainability - and a sound investment case. Naturally, we are very proud that we can cut our CO2 emissions with such an amount - and do it at once, ”
Poul Mark
Managing Director at A/S Bryggeriet Vestfyen

Fun fact:
Bryggeriet Vestfyen was the first brewery in Denmark to replace the environmentally harmful heating oil in
their production, to use only energy from biofuels that are CO2 neutral.