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The increasing focus on climate change requires new sustainable solutions – energy from biomass is one of them. Energy production based on biomass such as wood chips, wood pellets, straw and other biomass is a CO₂ neutral resource. Our goal is to provide a safe and environmentally sound solution that can optimize the use of biomass.

Focus BioEnergy therefore assist with the entire process of establishing new modern biomass steam plants and biomass power plants. We provide a wide range of advice from the environmental and economic assessments to procurement, detailed engineering, supervision, project management, commissioning and training.

Focus BioEnergy also assist on energy optimization of existing biomass energy plants through scheduling services and energy planning.

We have extensive experience with energy analyzes, feasibility studies, industrial processes, utilities, biomass solutions, investment grants and climate strategies for companies in Denmark and abroad.

Services that we offer:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Conceptual designs

  • Investment plans

  • Planning of new biomass facilities

  • Upgrading of existing facilities, incl. detailed engineering

  • Upgrading the flue gas cleaning systems, incl. detailed engineering

  • Studies of alternative treatments and technologies